Dear Parents and Carers,

We wish you a very warm welcome to our school and are honored you have chosen our school for your child’s education. We are all Passionate that children develop  alife  long love of learning and are looking forward to work in partnership with you.Jeewan Public School,Lakhaura is a very dynamic place to learn. We value learning through experience; learning core skills in the ways they are memorable and enable the children to apply these skill in all aspects of life. We very much value children as leaders of themselves, others and valuable contributors to the local community.

Our very special  school has a very special motto – Dream, Believe, Achieve . Every child when gradually attains knowledge and education, he also start possessing dreams, The school makes him believe in his dreams and guide s him to achieve them.

Jeewan makes continuous improvement to his life by putting effort to it every day.We talk to children every day about their continuous learning journey. Each day is an important one as they take small steps towards big dreams.Learning is central to everything at JPS at even our classes named as, Smiles, Chuckles, Discover, Explore Voyage, Journey Adventure, Challenge, Investigate, Inspiration , Imagination, Endevour, Wisdom tells you what learning is like here. The houses are named after rivers Ganga, Narmada, Yamuna, Brahamputra.

The curriculum t JPS motivates the children to ask questions, create connections between things and enables the children to be self reflective about the world around them. With these high level of engagement and the outstanding levels of care and support  children receive means  they achieve highest possible standards.We have a wide range of after school clubs on offer too. Which helps in building our Aspirations as well as supporting working parents and those in full time education this provision enables children to build wider social links in the safe environment of school.

Manoj Ranjan M.Sc B.Ed


JPS Lakhaura


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