Daily Routine

The JPS daily schedule runs from 5.30 am to 10.15 pm for juniors and seniors. It harnesses the different aspects of the students' personality for self-development.

The day begins with half an hour of jogging to energize the body. After bathing, the students attend a spiritual class that educates them on higher values and creates awareness about Indian culture and tradition. After a sumptuous breakfast, the entire school assembles together. The assembly starts with a prayer and a cultural talk and includes various interesting programs and presentations.

This is followed by the academic periods 8 per day (Academic period 8 and Supervised Studies 3 periods) intercepted by a short break. After lunch students relax for a while in their dorms before they return for their regular classes. In the evening students play sports of their choice and pursue their hobbies.

After freshening up, they go for evening study. After dinner, students are given free time to listen to music or watch appropriate TV programmes.

Some choose to spend time discussing with tutors. Private study is encouraged in the dormitories, especially for the senior students. In this way, the students at JPS lead a balanced and well-rounded lifestyle which is invigorating, enriching and enlightening.


General Rules-

  • Students are allotted rooms / dormitories according to their age and class.
  • Facilities for sports and games are available to the boarders for the all round growth.
  • Recreational facilities like Indoor games, Television and newspapers are provided to the boarders.
  • Boarders must bring the clothing and other essential things as per the list provided by the school.
  • The clothes should be labeled, listed and one copy should be given to the resident matron.
  • They should always be punctual and maintain strict discipline.
  • Rooms have to be kept neat and clean at all times
  • Should not waste water and electricity.
  • Boarders are not allowed to keep any money, valuables, any electronic gadgets or mobile phones etc. with them.
  • All purchases by the boarders must be done through the school authorities or parents and Guardians.
  • Pocket Money of Rs. 150 will be given to class 6 and below and Rs. 200 for class 7 and above.
  • All boarders will be taken outside the campus every Sunday.
  • In case any parent sends food articles to any boarder they will be distributed among other boarders. They will not be permitted to keep eatables inside the room.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet their wards during the weekdays. Parents can visit their wards on Sunday or a holiday.
  • Students are expected to use the study time profitably and strict silence has to be maintained in the study hall.
  • Fancy belts, rings, trinkets, make-up sets, nail polish, hair colours will be confiscated if brought to school.
  • Only hair clips, hair bands or ribbons for girls. Long hair should be braided.
  • Fancy hair cut or coloring of hair is prohibited.
  • Sandals are strictly NOT allowed. BATA / HAWAII Slippers must be brought to be worn in the boarding. Shoes prescribed by the school have to be used. No other fancy shoes to be brought.
  • Boarders have to wear the sports uniform provided by the school for games.
  • In case of sickness, it should be reported to the dorm in charge and to the Resident nurse for appropriate action.
  • All incidental expenses of the boarders will be recovered from their account.
  • Boarders are not permitted to visit or stay in other rooms after 10.00 p.m.
  • Boarders have to pay all dues towards the school before leaving the boarding.
  • Any damage caused to the school property will be recovered along with a fine
  • Any boarder leaving the school in the middle of the academic year has to pay the boarding fee of the entire year.
  • Boarding rules have to be strictly followed by all boarders.
  • Continuation as boarder will be based on the academic performance, behavior and turnout.


Telephone Rules-

  • Parents can make telephone calls only if necessary on Sundays or holidays between 8.00 p.m. to 10.00p.m
  • Boarders are permitted to talk to their parents on Sundays between 8.00 p.m and 10.00 p.m.
  • In case of emergency parents can contact the dorm in charge
  • Boarders not permitted to bring Mobile phones


Leave Rules-

  • Boarders are permitted to go to their local guardian on the last Friday of every month and they have to return back to the boarding on Sunday before 6.00 p.m.
  • Students are normally not allowed to leave the school during the term except in very special cases.
  • Students may be granted leave up to a maximum period of three days in case of an emergency and this can be availed only once in a year.
  • Leave may be granted for special medical treatment if necessary.
  • A written request from the parent should be sent directly to the warden for availing leave.
  • Prescription and Medical Bills to be submitted after a long absence. The Doctor's certificate only will not be taken in consideration.
  • The students should be picked up and brought back strictly on the dates and time given to them. A fine of Rs.500 will be levied if the student does not report on time.
  • The boarders will not be sent with any other person unless he/she brings a letter of authorization from the parent
  • Boarders are not allowed to go out the campus without the authorization of the warden.
  • While leaving the school campus they must wear the exit uniform given by the school.
  • Boarders are not allowed to stay alone or with friends while they are in exeat.
  • Girls above Class VI are NOT allowed to leave school with any other individual apart from their parents.
  • In case of drop and pick up is required by the boarders, parents are to inform the warden in writing well in advance. The cost of the same will be recovered from their recoverable account.



School Bus Rules And Regulations

The following rules can be enforced only with the cooperation of every person concerned with transportation.

  • Students must listen to the driver and follow the driver’s directions. The driver has the
  • authority of a classroom teacher.
  • If crossing the street to board the bus, students MUST look both left and right for cars,
  • make sure the RED lights are flashing, and wait for the driver’s signal to cross. Always
  • cross the street in FRONT of the bus.
  • Before boarding and after exiting the bus, students must keep a safe distance from the
  • bus. Keep at least 10 FEET away from the bus.
  • Students are to enter the bus promptly, immediately take their seats, and remain seated
  • whenever the bus in moving.
  • Students are to conduct themselves on the bus in such a way that will not distract the
  • driver. Distracting the driver puts everyone on the bus at risk.
  • Students must remain properly seated at all times. (Back to Back; Bottom to Bottom;
  • Book bag on the lap)
  • Outside of ordinary conversation in a normal tone, classroom conduct is to be observed
  • when on the bus. The driver has authority to prohibit any conversation.
  • Students must remain out of the driver’s seat and refrain from unnecessary
  • conversation with the driver while the bus is in motion.
  • Students are not to touch the emergency equipment on the bus (emergency doors,
  • windows, roof hatches, body fluid/first aid kits, 2-way radios, etc.) except as directed by
  • the driver or during an actual emergency.
  • The bus windows should not be opened without permission from the driver.
  • Students are to keep all body parts inside the bus. (Hands, arms, head, hair, etc.)
  • Students are to keep their hands and feet to themselves. (No fighting; horseplay)
  • Students are not to eat or drink while on the bus.
  • Students are not to throw objects of any kind either inside the bus, out of the bus, or
  • around the bus.
  • Students should help keep the bus clean, sanitary, and orderly. They must not damage
  • or abuse bus seats or equipment.
  • Students are not to use abusive language or profanity, obscene or rude gestures, or spit
  • while on the bus.
  • Students may NOT bring large musical instruments, any animals, balloons, glass
  • containers or objects, or large school projects onto the bus.
  • Students are not to leave the bus without the driver’s permission, except on arrival at
  • their assigned bus stop or at school.
  • If a student causes damage to the bus, he/she will be held financially responsible.
  • A severe behavior such as, but not limited to fire crackers, injury to a fellow student, or gross disrespect and defiance of the driver may result in a suspension of services, revocation of services, or a police referral on a first or second referral.







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