Rules of Payment

The rules for the payment of school fee are as the follows:

  • The fee for classes XI & XII the fee has to be paid annually in advance at the time of admission.
  • All types of fee shall be extracted along at the time of annual fee. Later only monthly fee shall be extracted.
  • The fee can be paid in cash at the school counter or via bank into prescribed bank accounts.
  • Fee is to be deposited within 10th of current month.
  • If the fee is no paid within the scheduled time then a fine of Rs. 20/- shall be added to the amount.
  • The same fine should go up to Rs.40/- If not paid within the current month.
  • If the child fails to deposit the fee for two consecutive months, the school is fully authorized to struck of names from the school rolls
  • No fee is refundable except Security amount after producing the receipt at the school account section. Security money is refundable within 6 months of leaving the school.
  • The school holds the discretionary powers of changing the fee as and when required

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