From The Lips Of Parents

This is an Outstanding School-

  • Inclusive, reflective, creative and innovative leadership is relentless in driving school improvement.
  • Through their shared expertise, leaders make a significant contribution to the development of other schools.
  • Leaders work as a tightly knit team to implement highly effective strategies to improve teaching. They carefully put in place individual support programmes to improve teacher’s performance.
  • The high quality of much of the teaching has a considerable impact on the pupil’s learning. Given the relative inexperience of most teachers, this is a great testament to their response to the training and guidance of school leaders.
  • The highly effective governing body is thoughtful,reflective and challenging of school leaders. Governors help to shape the school direction and continually check that their aims for the school are being met.
  • Pupils make rapid progress in the development of key skills of literacy and numeracy, but particularly their writing. Attainment is rising as increasing numbers of pupils work beyond levels expected for their age.
  • Pupils with specific learning needs thrive in a school that ensures their physical, social, emotional and academic needs are very carefully met. A closely woven net of care and support catches concerns early and is highly responsive to individual needs and circumstances.
  • The highly effective team of support staff, particularly those working with pupils with acute learning difficulties or who are new to speaking English, makes a major contribution to learning.
  • Children greatly enjoy learning in the early years and make rapid progress in all areas of their development, particularly language and communication.
  • Pupils, from the most to the least able, show a real love of learning and strive not to give up in the face of adversity.
  • Behaviour around the school is impeccable. Pupils take great pride in the school environment and treat it with care and respect. They have a very mature and considerate approach to all those around them, other pupils and adults alike.
  • Pupils say they feel very safe in school because they know how vigilant staff are in taking care of them.
  • Attendance has steadily risen since the school’s last inspection and is now above average.
  • Leaders are very successful in meeting the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils through the close and constructive partnership with home.
  • The way subjects are organised and taught makes the pupils’ learning exciting and interesting. Every opportunity is taken to promote the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as well as their understanding of the part they play in modern Britain.

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