Life Science is the branch that kindles inquisitive, observational, creative, imaginative education in  the children’s mind.

Based on the CBSE norms our school has a well-equipped Biology Laboratory. The salient features of the Laboratory are given below:

  • Lab is well ventilated and illuminated.
  • Lab can comfortably accommodate 50-60 students with comfortable working area for each.
  • For Microscopic studies Compound, dissecting and Projection Microscopes are there.
  • Chemical racks have all required chemicals & test materials.
  • For physiological and behavioural study different devices like Auxanometer, Gannon’s photometer, Photographic chamber, Clinostat, Chemo graphic recorder, Incubator etc. are provided.
  • We have a qualified faculty which evoke analytical thinking, practical skill by illustrating the activities in enjoyable manner.

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